Total hip and knee replacement

Total hip replacement (THR)
means that the femoral head and acetabulum in the pelvis are surgically replaced. A special, non-irritating, biodegradable metal material is usually used, sometimes in combination with a ceramic head and polyethylene cup liner added in the acetabulum. The ND surgeon will have at his or her disposal the complete range of implants currently on the market. The patient will be provided with all information necessary to guide his or her choice of implant. The patient will make his or her decision during a pre-surgery interview with the operating physician. The ND physicians also have at their disposal the latest navigation equipment, enabling precise triangulation of the locus of injury "navigated operation". The prosthesis component may be attached either using cement - polymethylmethacrylate - or without cement.

Included in package:
- consultation,
- pre-op investigation,
- operation with smith&nephew material,
- anesthesia,
- blood recuperation,
- stay at clinic 8 days,
- all material,
- food,
- medicine,
- basic rehabilitation at clinic,
- medical equipment,
- postoperative medicine

Lenght of stay:  8 days  (1st day pre-op, 2nd day operation, 3rd ICU, 4th-8th day post-op)

Total knee replacement – VISIONAIRE technique

VISIONAIRE ◊ Patient Matched instruments help your surgeon achieve more optimal implant alignment, custom to your unique knee anatomy. Your orthopedic surgeon will scan MRI (Magnetic Resonance Images) and X-Ray images of your affected leg into an advanced web-based software program, which will generate virtual images of your knee. Surgical instruments and guides are then designed and built, mapping out specific bone cuts to accurately align the JOURNEY ◊  or LEGION ◊  implants to your knee. Because VISIONAIRE ◊ technology removes multiple steps from the traditional surgical technique, your time under anesthesia may be reduced. This may lead to less blood loss and a lower risk of infection.

- MRI,
- cutting locks,
- operation´s itinerary

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