Orthopedic surgery

We provide also these types of operations:

Open Discectomy


Hallux Valgus (bunionplasty)


Special technologies and materials are used in arthroscopic surgery. The procedure itself is carried out using two or three small incisions. 

Optical equipment is introduced into the joint enabling the entire joint to examined

by camera. The probe is about five millimeters in length. Physicians are thus able to operate within the joints, maintaining a precision on the order of several milimetres, which is very important for joint functioning. Special tools are used for the arthroscopic surgery to accurately treat the injured tissue. When a ligament in the knee is disrupted or a shoulder is dislocated in an accident , special implants are used in the form of scr

ews or barbs to reattach the injured tissue such as an unattached joint capsule or a torn ligament to bone. Stabilization implants are made of titanium or a material which 

over the course of several years is absorbed and thus completely elimitaed from the system. 

Included in package

- consultation,- pre-op investigation, 
- operation, 
- anesthesia,
- stay at clinic 3 days,- all material, 
- food, 
- medicine, 
- rehabilitation, 
- medical equipment,
- postoperative medicine

Lenght of stay:  3 days  (1st day pre-op, 2nd day operation, 3rd day post-op)

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