what is the private healthcare about

What is Moravian Premium Care - private healthcare?

You are not alone. There is a private healthcare program, Moravian Premium Care, which consolidates information about your health condition across specializations and manages healthcare for you. Our internal specialists expertise the results of examinations across specialisations and assess the connection.

Unique cross-disciplinary system.

Healthcare is based on information from input extra preventive medical examinations and information during the use of services of MPCare Program. The Program requires all this information with your consent.

You do not have to do anything.


The Program is aimed at keeping you in the best health condition, not only at helping you when you have a health problem.

You have your health under control.


Information about your health is electronically centralized and physician of MPCare network, who treats you, has access to all this information. Therefore he has access to comprehensive information about you, not only information related to his expertise, or that you tell him yourself.

You do not need to be worry; your physician knows everything about you now.


The organisation of your care optimizes the number of your physician visits and examinations and minimizes the time spend in the waiting room. For example we firstly takes samples (blood, urine, other) proposed by physician at your workplace or other location that you specify and just after that you consult your problem with your physician according to results.You save the one visit.You can also choose the specific hour of appointment after the consultation with your physician.

So you can effectively spend your time with family or on your hobbies.


You can always call the line 800 117 717 and with our nurse you can discuss all your health problems.  She also arranges your healthcare with physicians.

You do not have to think about how to solve your problem.


Our network physicians are only the top experts in the region of Ostrava, Brno and Prague. You will be treated only at selected clinics and at selected departments of medical facilities.

You do not have to think about how to get to the best hands no long.


Moravian Premium Care is when ...

... you are not satisfied only with the public healthcare insurance system.

...you want more than extras.

... you do not want to be alone with your health problems.

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